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10 Creative Ideas for Garage Conversions 

Your home is your sanctuary and it can serve many purposes based on you and your family's lifestyle and needs. One space that Los Angelinos are creatively utilizing is the garage space! California recently passed Senate Bill No. 1069, which makes converting your garage easy and worry-free. So what do we do with this amazing opportunity?? Here's a few ideas for how to use the space to its full potential! 

10. Rental Unit

One of the most popular garage conversions is an extra dwelling space for homeowners to rent out to subletters. This arrangement is a win-win for everyone involved. Homeowners can recieve extra income, which helps with mortage and bill payments, and renters have a cozy, private living space. This idea was actually the inspiration for Senate Bill No. 1069 in order to help alleviate the stress of LA's housing crisis. 

9. Yoga and Meditation Space 

Another popular conversion is a personal yoga or meditation space. Imagine waking up and clearing your head before jumping into traffic on the 405! Start your day off right or end your day with a relaxing meditation before bed. Consider wood flooring and double-pane windows to keep the room energy efficient! 

8. Home Gym maybe you're not a yoga-loving-meditation-doing type person. You might still appreciate the benefits of exercise right out your bedroom door. No more waiting for a machine at the packed WeHo fitness meccas. Work out on your time with equipment tailored specifically to you! Need ideas? Check out exercise streaming platforms like Peloton (

7. Home Office

With so many online or telecommuting-friendly jobs, many homeowners might find they would greatly benefit from a home office. Having a designated space away from kids and distractions to focus is so important. Consider converting your garage space to make a little sanctuary for yourself. 

6. Playroom 

The little ones may love running all over the house and leaving their toys strewn about, but that can really do a number on your sanity! Consider creating a special space that is just for them to play, create and imagine in. You might even want to join in the fun too! 

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5. Screening Room 

Whether you're a professional in the film industry or a movie buff yourself, a home movie theater is great for entertaining or enjoying a film with the ones you love. This home feature will make you the most popular home on the block - guaranteed! 

4. Recording Studio 

Not a movie person? More of a music person? Convert your garage into a recording studio! Not only will this be fun to have for your and your own band, but you can create extra income by renting out the space to other musicians looking to record. 

3. Game Room 

Game nights are incredibly popular in LA. From D&D to trivia nights, having a game room will provide the perfect space for your friends to get together and hang. Consider installing a kitchenette to store drinks and snacks! 

2. Photography or Green Screen Studio

Photographers and Videographers are always looking for studios to shoot in! Consider converting your garage into a space that you could rent out hourly or daily. You'd be surprised how many people are looking! Take a look at to see the demand! 

1. Wardrobe/ Extra Closet 

You don't have to be a Karsahian to have a lot of clothes. For Angelinos who work in fashion or do a lot of PR...a spare closet could be a lifesaver when running from event to event. And for those who are hobbyist fashionistas (or fashionistos), this extra space keeps clothes and accessories organized and accessible. 

Love these ideas? Ready to transform your garage? Give us a call or fill our a form for a free estimate! And don't forget to follow us for more home improvement tips!

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The best place to start remodeling a garage to a room is to determine what you have to work with in terms of floor, walls, access, etc. You will likely have a cement slab floor and an adequate roof. If there are no windows, you will need to decide whether to install them, how many to install, and where you will place them. If your garage has finished walls you will need to determine whether the walls are insulated. If they are not insulated, you will need to make decisions about how you will insulate. You will need to plan for heating and cooling and adequate lighting and electrical outlets. Do you need plumbing in the room? If so, you will need to determine whether there is or is not plumbing in the area and what changes are required.

Why would you need a building permit?

This can vary from one location to another, but the primary issues are:

  • Structural soundness
  • Exits
  • Heating and cooling
  • Windows
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • In some areas, failure to build to local code can require that you restore the space to its original condition before you sell the house.