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Although many factors affect the success of a patio project, the most important consideration is its location. A patios site affects how much it is used and influences how well it serves the intended purpose.  If the patio is for outdoor dining, having it close to the house — and kitchen — increases the likelihood of its being used.  You may end up not using a remote patio as often as you had planned.


When deciding where to put a deck, you don’t have to settle for the obvious. Although a deck is an ideal way to create a level outdoor area on a sloping or low site, you can also build a deck on level ground. In most cases, decks can be built just about anywhere you would build a patio.  It can be a small, intimate space adjoining a bedroom or study. Or it can follow the typical model and be joined to the back of the house, with access from either the kitchen or family room. You can also build a freestanding deck in a remote area of the garden.

With the addition of a deck or patio, you will immediately increase your satisfaction in your home, as well as the value. Decks and patios are the workhorses of outdoor entertaining.  With the proper planning and style, your backyard can be transformed into your family and friends’ favorite place to get together. Give yourself a convenient place to watch the kids play, grill, or to just simply unwind after a long day of work.

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