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Make sure your roof needs replacing, rather than less costly repair or maintenance. Your Roof should be inspected annually for signs of deterioration or damage. Inspections can Be coordinated with regular roof and gutter cleaning. Keep in mind that roof surfaces Damage easily (especially asphalt shingle in hot or cold weather), so minimize foot traffic. And always exercise extreme caution when on the roof or a ladder. Consider both the visual inspection and age of your roof when determining whether it’s Time to replace or repair. Look in the attic for signs of moisture damage, and try to Determine the source of leaks. Often, the culprit is failed or improperly installed flashing In especially vulnerable areas.

These include:

  • Penetrations in the roof, such as skylights and roof vents,
  • Roof valleys, and areas where the roof changes slope,
  • Previously repaired areas,
  • Roof areas that concentrate drainage onto lower roofs, and
  • Areas where roofing meets another material.

Rule out these spot repairs before resorting to a complete tear-off. Signs of a roof in need of replacement include curling shingles, broken tiles, asphalt Shingles losing their granular layer, and excessive moss (which may indicate a degraded Roof, or just a roof in need of cleaning). If you do need a new roof, prepare yourself by Comparing the many options in advance If you have a moderately or steeply sloped roof (at least four inches of rise for every Foot of run), it probably consists of several layers of structural and protective materials. These layers work together as a system to shelter your home from the elements. Each Plays a critical role in the ultimate performance of your roof, so carefully consider every component:

  • Sheathing,
  • Underlayment,
  • Flashing,
  • Roofing material, and
  • Gutters and downspouts.

Roofs with pitches of less than three inches of rise (height) for every foot of run (length) Are generally considered low slope. Low slope roofs (often called flat roofs) The elements that make up this type of roof are distinct from moderate to steep sloped roofs.

Proper installation: key to a lasting roof

Whatever materials and design you choose, proper installation will ensure that your New roof lasts. Cielo Construction, inc.Take pride in the quality of our work, and the willingness to perform even the most menial tasks to remove project obstacles and get the job done

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